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OIL STICKS are oil detection strips that offer the ultimate in convenience and portability. They are not as sensitive as the OIL-IN-SOIL kits, but they are very compact and may be used with soil and water, as well as on surfaces. A hydrophobic material, specially fabricated for us, is attached to a cardboard strip, making it very compact. This product is packaged in bags of 10 and sold in quantities of 100 (in 10 bags). Download the manual for more information.

A SDS is not required for this product.

Download the manual

Application OIL STICKS are ideal for use in soil or water, and on surfaces. They are designed to detect hydrocarbons, DNAPLs, and other contaminants.
Economic Benefits The main environmental benefit of OIL STICKS is that they allow for rapid initial screening. They can be used with minimal training, even by unskilled workers.
Performance OIL STICKS deliver an almost instantaneous response.
Limitations OIL STICKS are 10–100 times less sensitive than the OIL-IN-SOIL test.