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Oil Detection Made Easy

Discover an easy way to test if your site is contaminated with hydrocarbons. OIL-IN-SOIL, LLC offers a range of accurate, easy-to-use oil testing kits. Our technology allows you to rapidly delineate the perimeter, depth, and direction of oil, NAPLs, and DNAPLs, which saves time and money during Phase I and Phase II site assessments. These kits are also perfect for use on core samples to identify organic substances. Contact us to learn more about our simple, affordable technologies to detect contaminants in water, in soil, or on the surface of plants or materials.

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For more than 18 years, OIL-IN-SOIL, LLC has been providing clients with easy-to-use kits for screening for hydrocarbons and DNAPL. Our founders started the company after working in the environmental cleanup industry. They realized there was a pressing need for a tool that could detect contamination quickly and accurately, so they created their first oil detection kit. Exelon Energy granted them the rights to the product they developed, and they soon added other products to their lineup. They are now proud to offer the simplest, most effective oil testing kits on the market.

At OIL-IN-SOIL, LLC, we know that time wasted during screening is money wasted. All of our tests only require you to supply one reagent—potable water at room temperature or above. The whole process, including measuring the sample, adding the water, shaking the jar, and observing the results, takes less than three minutes.


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