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DNAPL-LENS-DETECT is a spray used to visualize DNAPL lenses in rock and drill cores. The spray contains a blue anthraquinone dye, detergents, and surfactants. When the spray comes in contact with DNAPL, it allows the water solution to stay on the surface. The surfactants and detergents allow the dye to penetrate the DNAPL lens and color the DNAPL a royal blue color, making the lens stand out. The reaction of the dye with the DNAPL takes place within 30–60 seconds. Download the instruction manual to learn more.   A SDS is not required for this product.

Download the manual

Application The DNAPL-LENS-DETECT is most useful for detecting DNAPL chlorinated solvents—such as TCE and TCA—in drill cores, concrete, or rock.
Economic Benefits A little DNAPL-LENS-DETECT goes a long way. One bottle covers up to 150 square feet ( approximately 14 square meteres) of surface.
Performance DNAPL-LENS-DETECT has been used for a period of five years by many well-known environmental firms.
Limitations The only known restriction is that the solvent be denser than water.